With the help of grants from the EU

Automaticly identify pests on fields with AI and imaganalysis

The purpose of the project is to build a platform where farmers, advisors and researchers can digitally use new solutions, which can stimulate research and contribute to minimizing pesticides and optimizing pest control. The goal is to build and test prototypes that can identify insects in the field. Collected data from the prototypes must be analyzed, documented and compiled to then be used further in the image analysis, then enable and make this product available on the market

Tegbot AB leads the project, which is carried out in collaboration with Hushållningssällskapet Gotland, Svenska Frö- och Oljeväxtodlare, Ryftes Grönsaker AB and farmer Claes Jakobsson.

Our way forward

Smart, Simple,

Tegbot supplies products to do agriculture simpler and more sustainable both economically and environmentally.

Bilden visar konstruktionen på en prototyp av en insektsfälla.
Our way forward


We analyze agricultural pests to achieve sustainable agriculture with maintained yields.

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Future Challenges

In order to meet the challenges of the future, we must both be able to make agriculture sustainable but also maintain a reasonable yield. To be able to combine that, you have to reduce the leakage of fertilizer and toxins by being able to detect when they should be put in and reduce the use to as low a level as possible.

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Sustainability is the very cradle of our company, that is the reason why we have created the company, to make conventional agriculture sustainable.

According to us, it is a key issue that our conventional agriculture is so careful towards the environment that it can continue forever, but at the same time we need to deliver products as raw materials for food production to the extent that it does today.

It is this paradox/contradiction that we want to help solve. We do this by integrating decision support and smart sensors that allow farmers to use as few chemicals as possible but still maintain the yield at a reasonable level.

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If you are a carrot grower, we can help you get control when the carrot fly is active in your fields.

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