Our way forward


Avoid unnecessary

With Tegbot’s “Pestifier” you know when the pests strike, you get reports on when you need to fight. This allows you to avoid the worry of missing damage by these insects.

You can also know when you can avoid fighting so you can help avoid unnecessary fighting and the spread of chemicals in our fragile environment. You get a greater probability of sustained returns


Bilden visar konstruktionen på en prototyp av en insektsfälla.

Our way forward

Image analysis

Through close-up image analysis, we make it possible to identify harmful insects so that the farmer can adapt the interventions as needed.

The analysis is done from a platform in the field, the images are then moved to the cloud for analysis that is used to adjust the timing of crop protection as needed.


Identification possibilities

By applying image analysis in a generic way, we can adapt the software to identify different types of pests, from carrot fly to spruce bark borer.

The equipment will be able to be updated so that you can access the newly developed identification possibilities


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